If you have decided to List your Home on the Market, You will want to set your Home up as if it were being Staged, Like A New Construction Home that you visit. Orderly and Clutter Free. One way to help with your moving expenses and Declutter your Home is to have a Garage Sale.Here are some tips to help by Dave Ramsey!!!

5 Tips on How to Get Your Garage Sale Organized

1. Clean out what you don’t need.

This might seem like the most annoying garage sale tip, but it has to be said! Dig through your garage, basement, attic, closets, cabinets, and under all the beds. A good rule of thumb is: if you don’t use it or wear it regularly (or you forgot it even existed), it probably needs to go. You’ll be able to take inventory of what you have and maybe even gain some extra space in the process. Decluttering never felt so good!

2. Sort and organize your items.

Having a garage sale can be a daunting task, so go ahead and do the major work ahead of time. As you’re unearthing all of those tennis rackets, clothes, and old board games, sort them into three basic categories: Keep, Sell and Trash.

Don’t worry about pricing anything right now—just focus on sorting and getting organized. Your main goal is to get rid of the junk and find a permanent home for the stuff you’re going to keep. Once your piles are made, pull out all of the items you sorted to sell.

3. Think about having a neighborhood garage sale.

If you’re not too thrilled about the idea of strangers stopping by your front yard (or if you want to split some of the workload), team up with another family on your block or check with your neighborhood association to see if a community sale is coming up.

4. Set a date for your garage sale.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are usually the best time to hold your garage sale. Here’s an insider garage sale tip: consider scheduling it on the first weekend of the month—a lot of paychecks go out at the end of the month, so people will have cash to spend.

The earlier the start, the cooler the temperature will be. You might even have more people show up because they don’t have to interrupt their day! And don’t forget to check the forecast before you hang up signs around the neighborhood. Rainy days keep the buyers away!

5. Get whatever supplies you might need.

You can buy simple pricing stickers and blank labels at the dollar store or any office supply store. Or if you’re wanting to be really budget friendly, just pick up a permanent marker and masking tape and get to pricing your items. Grab a table and chairs so you can have a designated area to cash people out (and stay comfortable).

And you’re going to need some space to show off all the one-of-a-kind items you’re selling. You can set out blankets, boxes and storage containers, or even lay a board over two sturdy boxes. Whatever you do, make sure breakable items are supported on a stable surface.